The Journey Begins… Happy Independence Day

15 08 2007

Yeah, finally I have a blog. Its been a long time since I have been toying with the idea of jotting down my journey towards the unknown (yeah, that’s my blog title, too 🙂). And what better day to get started than the 60th Independence Day of our motherland, India.

As I write this post I am sitting in my cubicle (I dare call it so!) in the office. Yeah, you read it right, we don’t have any holidays but that’s ok with me. The attendance is pretty low and honestly speaking its been a little hard to motivate myself today and hence this post (thank god!).


Mother India has always held a special place in my heart (though some would disagree as they feel that I am heartless 🙂). Since childhood I have been attracted towards anything patriotic, be it songs, movies or anything. I love watching acts of patriotism and at times I do curse myself as to why I am not doing anything for my motherland.

Its good to see that the generationext (am in that group, too… though some of my colleagues would strongly object, as they feel I belong to the rung below that 🙂) But even after all this, we still come across communal differences and conflicts. We, the young generation should realize our duties towards mother India and erase such hypocritical approach from our young minds. If young India is free of such absurd mindset then only we will have an Independence Day when we can say with our heads held high – HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY– Yes, that would be our 1st real independence day because Indians would become independent of out-and-out bogus thoughts. I still cant believe people hating a particular society or class. I have a question for all such pathetic people out there – What is the religion of our motherland where we all live in, what is the caste of the air that we all breathe? I am afraid none can be answered. The day we all realize that such questions only have one common answer would we become a TRULY INDEPENDENT INDIA.

I gotta roll out of the office for today.

Signing off. 🙂

Jai Hind…… 🙂

Update: After just 5 mins. of sharing this post with my colleagues, our facility manager (facman:)) came up with this on the chat box….

“Ai mere pyare watan ai mere bhicre chaman tujpe dil kurban

tu hi mere aarzoo tu hi mere aabru tujhpe dil kurban

maa ka dil ban ke kabhi sine se lag jata hai tu

ya phir naani se beti ban ke yaad aata hai tu

jitna yaad aata hai mujhko utna tarpata hai tu

tujhpe dil kurban

tere daman se jo aaye un hawaao ko salam

chum lu mein us juba pe jispe aaye tera naam

sabse pyari subha tere sabse rangi tere shaam

thujpe dil kurban”

Thanks Hardeep Bhai for such a wonderful song… 🙂




20 responses

15 08 2007

Its great that on the 60 th of indian indepence despite claimimg ourseslves to be independent you are pondering on the thought if u ar free in true sense.However its good that u have mannaged to creat your own blog today.At least no one could restrict your creativity on this day,So be happy thinking that somewhere no one can restrict your freedom beyond your own sweet will….Congrats!
Moreover the blog is great!

15 08 2007

Nice post man:). It is nice to see that you are such a patriotic person. You know we all love our mother land but sometimes we can not contribute when the time comes. Otherwise why there are so much of corruption and poverty in India? Have we really made a free India for what those great freedom fighters sacrificed their precious life? Shouldn’t we think about that ?

Wish you a very happy Independence day

15 08 2007

Hey Anand… its great that u have started your blog on such an auspicious day. No wonder, anything you start with Mother India’s name in your heart will bring you good luck always………

Yes, we have come across a long way.. 60 long years. But let me share with you something so rediculous. While I was listening to the news, I came to know that in some state of North Bengal some statues of freedom fighters were left unattended today. The explaination from state authority was, those statues were not made by them.
I was just left stunned…… Is this what we call free, educated bla-blah.. India?

15 08 2007

Well Anand…
its gud u have time 2 think sumthing like this…
Nowadays..ppl dont even have time to attend flag hoisting….
Well..even if we can contribute a little to our society…even that ll help…
we have taken initiative to teach our illiterate mess workers….
let us know…if we can help in some noble cause of yours…for our society..our nation…irrespective of caste,creed or colour!!!
gud luck…jAI HIND

15 08 2007

Great work Anand…
do u know why India is Great… its just bcoz the people like u
keep doing the good work….
Best of Luck

15 08 2007

Hi Anand,
Got a great day to set your creativity free – independent.

I just had a small doubt… Do you believe India and Bharat are the same countries? I don’t know really. I just wish when India shines, Bharat is happy.

Happy Independence Day…

15 08 2007

Hi Anand,

it was nice to see that you started your blog in this Independence Day ,
Hope our INDIA always remains HAPPY and GAY.

Feel Independent

15 08 2007

Happy Independence Day to all of you. Being a true patriot, the following questions come to my mind

1) Are we really independent? Independence has a broad meaning.
2) Had freedom fighters fought for us so that we see India with full of corruption and malpractices everywhere now?

I’m not pessimistic guys. These are only my thoughts. Anyways, let us salute all freedom fighters who had sacrificed their lives for our freedom and also the armed forces along the border of India who are helping us to have sound sleep.

16 08 2007

Great post to start off your own blog. I am sure you will come up with some very interesting posts in coming days. Happy Independence Day and Happy Blogging

16 08 2007


16 08 2007

Happy Independence and happy blogging day

16 08 2007

Anand nice to see your blog its really great, and nothing can stop u to make it great – greater – greatest in the future days also, because the topics is about our motherland, and u have published it in such a great day, which is very special to each Indian, I think in her 60th Birthday “Mother India” is really proud to get such a wonderful gift from her one of the sweet son like u. We are proud to be an Indian, we are proud to be your colleague , keep it up – take it long long away – we all are with u Anand.
Happy Independence Day to all my Indian Brothers and Sisters – Jai Hind – Vandemataram.

16 08 2007

Hey Anand, You write so well. 🙂

16 08 2007

Happy belated Independence Day to you too, Anand.

Congrats and best wishes for new start!

16 08 2007

Happy belated Independence Day to you , Anand. Hope India shines in near future and Our “Bharat” can touch the shininess.

16 08 2007

Hi Anand,
This very good to see that you have launched your blog on such a great day. We are not going to fight in the front still we can do something for our motherland by making some post in out blogs. The freedom fighters sacrificed their life for India and we can not repay their sacrifices. We only can show respect and gratitude to all those fighters. Hope you will make some great post in the coming days and make your blog a good one. Happy Independence Day to all the people of India. Jai hind. Bandemataram.

“Dil diya hai jan bhi denge
Ai batan tere liye
Hum jiyenge aur marenge
Ai batan tere liye

Dil diya hai jan bhi denge
Ai batan tere liye”

16 08 2007

Congratulations on the start of a new blog.

Your post is inspiring. I don’t know which generation I belong to, may be the same as yours but from within I believe I am a strong Indian.

Independence does not come with the word or by wishing each other a Happy Independence Day, it is the mind and the soul that should feel the freedom. Its 60 years now but still we could not free ourselves of superstitions. Our society still lags behind. Building funky malls, multiplexes etc does not make us independent. We still depend so much on the occidental ideas be it fashion or anything else.
Being the part of our own culture, maintaining the sobriety and then venturing into other’s culture and ideologies for the sake of knowledge and sharing can be termed as independence. It is the freedom of mind from slavery and imitation .

Well this is not an essay on independence 🙂 but just my opinion. Good Luck and keep inspiring.

16 08 2007

Happy Independence day to all Indians. Hope all of us will make our India to the most powerful country in the world.

19 08 2007

hey Anand

Your blog is really nice. Cheers!!!!

21 08 2007

Thanks for the comments, everyone. 🙂

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